Kids aren't king anymore!00:28

Kids aren't king anymore!

This does not look anything like what happens today.


Thank goodness SpongeBob's never eaten a Whopper.

1978 Burger King Commercial - The Duke of Doubt00:32

1978 Burger King Commercial - The Duke of Doubt

The Duke of Dimwitville.

1976 Burger King Have It Your Way commercial00:29

1976 Burger King Have It Your Way commercial

I'd like to have it my way

Burger King 1979 TV commercial00:29

Burger King 1979 TV commercial

Great. They're gonna add $1.50 or $2 to an already nasty burger

Burger King is exactly what they portray in the commercials. It's an overpriced heart attack meal which sets you back $3.49 and it hardly looks any different from the nasty crap McDonald's makes.

But their 1998 Left Handed Burger deal made me laugh. It makes me wonder what other kinds of crap they can absorb into people's minds. Guess you can't have it your way now, can you?

Also, the service is SUPER lousy, like they hire high school dropouts as cheap work. It's no wonder nobody goes there. I do not know why, but this looks like a king idiot.

Also, I like when they screw up the signs on there. I sure hope SpongeBob's not hiring managers here, because nobody would last a second under his post-season 4 laugh. I'm not kidding when I say that either. And Viacom can't do anything about it either.

Burger King Commercial00:30

Burger King Commercial. 1970s

Hey, wait, if you're hungry, you're gonna be a CANNIBAL?

BURGER KING 1970 Tv Commercial Whopper00:34

BURGER KING 1970 Tv Commercial Whopper

Or, in this case, eight

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