The History Channel is an OK network, but here's one of the problems.

First of all, they are starting to use what's commonly referred to as "exaggerated history". There are two distinct types and hundreds of subtypes of history, but the distinct types are "exaggerated history" and "real history". With exaggerated history, you only get part of the facts about someone's life. And most often, it's the facts that you learned about in 3rd grade. With real history, you get to know all these things that you would never know with exaggerated history. Real history gives you nearly 100% of a person's life, not just the red-letter stuff. Let's take a look at Ulysses S. Grant, who became the 18th President of the United States. Most exaggerated history programs would say something like "He was a famous Civil War soldier" or "He was President during Reconstruction". Nobody wants to hear something they already know. But with real history, he springs to life in a whole new way. For the first time, you can find out about all the important questions: Did he have children? If so, how many? Did any of his children die before 18? Was his family related to Quakers? How far did his family tree run? Did he have brothers or sisters? Those are the questions someone might actually be interested to know!

Also, they have started to remove its history documentaries and replace them with reality shows such as Swamp People. Seriously? Since when does a bunch of fowl-mouth guys killing gators count as history? People want to hear about Civil War generals, not Swamp People. History has lost its purpose in life, and I'd assume it's gonna be gone by the end of the 2010s decade.

See, every year a channel gets "The Talk" by the Big 3 networks. Between different years, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, and the Cartoon Network were each given the Talk, but refused to obey it, and look what they are now!

The Talk is a small wording by The Gods of Television, talking about how to satisfy your consumer audience. It describes ways to expand your age group but not all at once so as to allowing mature subject matter to air on your network.

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