Roblox is terrible, They will ban you for no reason there are hackers that spam this... If you win... you get admin! Follow me to play! (I have no tix to make a ad, so yeah.)I hate the game it is awful, the admins are lazy as crap bragging they are cool. The Good Roblox was 2006-2008

Now its bull crap ever since 2009 due to the annoying first hacker 1x1x1x1x1. Now people spam everywhere they used to that free robux thingy but they heard you get banned if you do it. Glad that is over..And paid access to play a game Oh No Oh No there is no way im paying. I have a life and other things to do like Wikia, plus when you download the game they give you viruses and make the computer slow.

And how is this a kid game...It should be 13 and up.


Hope i am not making this too Long but people are keep online dating and people wear online dating clothes look at these:


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