1960 Twinkles Commercial01:14

1960 Twinkles Commercial

The new star-shaped cereal in the storybook package.


Twinkles was a nostalgic cereal made from 1960-65. It boasted "star-shaped pieces filled with the goodness of energy oats and corn" and "a storybook package" that was unique to it. Twinkles was one of the shortest-lived cereals General Mills ever produced. There is a rumor that the star shapes used in the cereal were later made as marshmallows in Lucky Charms, this has been proven false. It would've been fun for me to have it. That storybook package, on the contrary, would've been pretty short. I bet it took the guy who made this forty-five seconds to make it. I also think he doesn't get paid much. It's amazing what happens in General Mills factories every day, so much that it probably would be news.

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